8.3.5 Describe the environmental problems associated with the recovery of fossil fuels and their use in power stations

Fossil Fuel Extraction and Usage
As fossil fuel exist deep inside the Earth's crust, while extracting and mining the fossil fuel, it destructs the habitations for all kind of wildlife and marine animals. Not only that, during the oil extraction process, "oil spill"("NON-RENEWABLE") is a distress as it harms the sea animals and birds catastrophically. Usage of the fossil fuels can also damage the environment since while burning the fossil fuels, the "pollutants" like "sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide" dissipate into air which helps the greenhouse effect to accelerate and cause "global warming"("NON-RENEWABLE"). These "pollutants"("NON-RENEWABLE") attribute to cause acid rain as well. Additionally, a
ccording to the University of california college prep. coal will be depleted "in 200 years", "30 years" for oil, and "100 years" for natural gas ("NON-RENEWABLE").

Oil Recovery
Hydraulic Downhole

One type of oil recovery system, Hydraulic downhole's surface pumps are dangerous for the wild animals. The accident of wild animals and birds being trapped by the surface pump occurs sometimes, which leads to injuries and deaths of animals. Not only that during the proccess, "reciprocation of a sucker rod" ("Hydraulic downhole") leads to tearing the production tube. This results an inefficienty process in oil recovery by wasting lots of energy. Plus it pollute the environment as oil would spill if the production tube wears out. This would lead to destructing the habitation for animals, harming the animals and birds and contaminating the underground water.

Hydraulic Downhole Sucker Rod
Sucker rod

Natural Gas Recovery
Natural Gas Recovery

Recovering the natural gas that are dissolved under the saline water is a great concern. For the gas recovered, large amount of salt water needs to be seperated from the gas. However, it is very complicated and difficult to seperate the saline water and pollutants from the pure natural gas with the recent technology. The process of natural gas recovery costs a lot.
Natural Gas Liquids Recovery

Coal Recovery

Coal Recovery
Coal recovery leads to destruction of the habitation for the wildlife animals. Accidents of animals and birds being injured occurs in the coal recovery station. The percentage of the coal ash compared to the clean coal recovery is comparatively high. Therefore the efficiency of the coal recovery is low. Coal that is agglomerated with some oil or water can not be recovered with the high efficiency to use as the quality of the coal is the best when the concentration of the oil is the lowest.

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