8.4.18~20 - Wind Power

  • Introduction to Wind Power
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Introduction to Wind Power

Wind power is increasingly becoming one of the most important energy sources of the future. Back in 2003 only 1% of the world's electricity was generated by wind turbines, but the usage of this technology has been growing at an almost exponential rate. This quick expansion of global wind power capacity is expected to continue growing rapidly. The Global Wind Energy Council recently predicted that the wind power capacity worldwide will nearly triple in the next five years.

The graph of the power generated by wind generators in the past shows a nearly exponential growth (soruce: Davis, Crystal. "Booming Wind Energy Market Grows 27% in 2007." World Resources Institute. 22 Jan. 2008. 3 Apr. 2009 <http://earthtrends.wri.org/images/wind_energy_global_growth.jpg>.)

Wind power has distinct advantages that make it such a favorable technology. For instance, unlike fossil fuels wind power is harmless to the environment as it produces no chemical by-products. Further, wind power is completely free and abundant. However, several disadvantages of wind power that need to be overcome for it to become much more widely in use are: the unreliability of steady power output, noise and visual pollution (large windmills in the countryside) and the large amount of space windmills take up.

Table of Contents

8.4.18 Outline the basic features of a wind generator

8.4.19 Determine the power that may be delivered by a wind generator

8.4.20 Solve problems involving wind power

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